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Les Postnikoff

Deal Advisor

Les is a Canadian executive with extensive experience in senior leadership roles throughout North America and around the world. The range of companies he has led or provided guidance for include Fortune 500 companies, early stage startups, publicly listed dot com's and large private technology companies with a global presence 


He is a majority shareholder in an Alberta business, a member of the advisory staff at Trading Post Investments, and a TEC Canada Chair


Les challenges leaders to surround themselves with high performers, be clear and committed to company values and stop at nothing to fulfill their purpose. He really wants to know where you are going, how you plan on getting there and who you are taking with you

Peter Molander

Development Advisor

A Métis Canadian who brings over thirty years of experience in land development and construction having specialized in residential and commercial/industrial subdivision and land assembly

Founded and grew multiple start up enterprises, including his latest venture, First Pac West Group of Companies where he is co-founder and CEO. The business holds a broad array of high quality real assets across Western Canada

Owned and operated two highly successful real estate brokerages and a property management firm

Won many awards in sales and real estate during his long career in the industry

Peter’s Métis heritage guides all his ventures with a mandate for community involvement for sustainable development.

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