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A powerful network of partners taking high quality projects & investments to the highest level

Trading Post Investments is a Métis company. The Métis have traditionally been a people of commerce and trade. Trading Posts were a vital part of Western Canadian development. They were a place were enterprising people would meet and do business. This heritage forms the basis of our business.


As a trading company, we provide turn-key & go-to-market solutions starting with opportunities evaluation, set up and scaling of sales. We assist natural resource, consumer goods and life sciences businesses with cost effective and expert managerial capacity that can be utilized on a “as needed” basis, allowing clients to closely manage their budgets and outcomes.


As experts in capital markets, we ensure projects and enterprises are ready to receive capital from financial and strategic investors. We dive deep into the goals and assets of businesses and match them with partners that will complete the right mixture of talent, network, timing, capital and capacity that are crucial for success.

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